FREE WD-40 Specialist Gel Lube Sample


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How To Get Your Sample:

  1. If you already have a send me sample account just skip this step. If you don’t have a SEND ME A SAMPLE account you need one. First, you are going to CLICK LINK BELOW  and sign up for one! You will also need either Amazon ALEXA  or  GOOGLE ASSISTANT on your phone.  I KNOW IT SOUNDS LIKE A LOT FOR A FREEBIE BUT YOU NEED TO DO THIS BECAUSE THEY HAVE A COUPLE FREEBIES A MONTH AND YOU WILL MISS OUT!
  2. Once you have Alexa or Google Assistant downloaded and you’re signed up for an account either say ALEXA SEND ME A SAMPLE OF  WD-40 Specialist Gel Lube Sample . If you have Google Assistant say HEY GOOGLE SEND ME A SAMPLE OF  WD-40 Specialist Gel Lube Sample . If they have samples left, they will let you know!
  3. Only available in the USA
                                                 Click Here