FREE Condoms & More

FREE Condoms & More

Free condoms are available to be mailed directly, and discreetly, to the home or desired address of any person 16 or older living in the state of Ohio.

  • Submissions are limited 1 order per person per 30 days.
  • Please come back and try again when the form has re-opened in a week if you are unable to order.

Limitations apply to this program

  • Any condom order submission from outside of the state of Ohio will NOT be mailed.
  • One order per address can be placed every 30 days.
  • Condoms will only be sent to people over the age of consent (16 years old).
  • Condoms will only be sent to individuals and not organizations.

What is in a condom package?

Availibility May Vary

Limited Regular: 23 Regular Latex Condoms, 2 Extra Large Condoms, and 2 Lube Packets

Extra Large: 10-15 Extra Large Latex Condoms, 10 Regular Latex Condoms, 2 Lube Packets.

Specialty: 5 Regular Latex Condoms, 2 Internal Condoms, 4 Latex-Free Condoms, 5 Flavored Condoms, 5 Dental Dams, 2 Lube Packets. *Limited quantity available*

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